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Karuna Healthcare Consultants: returning to the art of medicine with "Compassionate Conscientious Care" that is convenient in the 21st century.

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Dr. Mai-Phương Nguyễn, MD

Dr. Mai-Phương Nguyen specializes in Internal Medicine and community health. She trained at world-class medical institutions at UCLA, USC and Christian Medical College in Vellore, India. She focuses on culturally-competent care in women's health, geriatrics and community health. She is a minority healthcare advocate who gives voice to underserved communities, especially refugee immigrants. She also produces award-winning programs for independent films, radio and TV in English, Vietnamese and Spanish.

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Dr. Jacob Huỳnh Duy-Linh, MD
Dr. Jacob Huỳnh Duy-Linh, MD

A board-certified Family Practice doctor who specializes also in Hospice and Palliative Care. Dr. Jacob Huỳnh Duy-Linh incorporates Eastern healing traditions, including acupuncture, to treat chronic pain syndromes and conditions which are refractory to usual allopathic therapies. Dr. Huỳnh trained in Canada where healthcare is universal. He believes deeply that all patients deserve affordable, accessible healthcare services.

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Dr. Tony Thụy V. Nguyễn, PharmD
Dr. Tony Thụy V. Nguyễn, PharmD

Owner and lead pharmacist of VALUE Rx Pharmacy in Irvine, California. Value-Rx is an independent, state-of-the-art, compound pharmacy that provides personalized pharmacy services. We deliver medications to patients' preferred homes/workplaces, at no extra cost. Value Rx also 'bubble packs' medications to improve patient compliance, especially for hospice patients or those with dementia.

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Dr. Mai-Phuong Nguyen (English)

Dr. Jacob Huynh (English)

Dr. Tony Thuy Nguyen (English)

Dr. Mai-Phuong Nguyen (Vietnamese)

Dr. Jacob Huynh (Vietnamese)

Dr. Tony Thuy Nguyen (Vietnamese)

  • Debra Phairas final - Red Jacket

    "Dr. Mai-Phương Nguyễn not only took excellent care of me, but also of my now 92 year old mother and my late father, before he died. It is her signature conscientious care which enabled her to diagnose my mother with a rare autoimmune liver disease. Other doctors had written off her elevated liver enzymes as a side-effect of medications."

  • Jenny Viet-khan dong

    "Bác Sĩ Mai-Phương đã cứu mạng sống tôi! Với lòng từ bi và chăm sóc kỹ lưỡng, BS Mai-Phương đến nhà tôi tại San Jose và nghiên cứu bệnh sử của tôi trong 3 tiếng. Sau đó BS Mai-Phương sắp xếp một tham khảo với nữ Bác Sĩ Bích-Liên tại Quận Cam, Nam-Cali. BS Bích-Liên chuyên môn về ung-thư vú cho phụ nữ Việt hải ngoại. Giữa 2 nữ bác sĩ tuyệt vời, Mai-Phương và Bích-Liên, tôi có niềm hy-vọng mới hôm nay. Tôi sẽ mang ơn BS Mai-Phương muôn đời!"

  • Jenny Do, Esq

    "Dr. Mai-Phương saved my life with her signature compassionate and conscientious care. She came to my home in San José and reviewed for over 3 hours my complicated metastatic breast cancer history since 2009. She then seamlessly coordinated a telehealth consult with Dr. Bích-Liên Nguyễn, a leading expert in breast cancer among Vietnamese women based in Orange County. Together, both doctors mapped out a personalized healthcare plan for me and my oncologists at UC-San Francisco and Kaiser. They gave me hope and new life! I am forever indebted to Dr. Mai-Phương."